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8 Week Course Begins Sep 6- Oct 25, 2022

Classes will be held Tuesdays from 1:00 - 2:30 PM Eastern Standard Time Weekly

What We Will Explore

All Session Replays Included With Closed Captioning

Class Price $3,297 Payment Options 4 Monthly Payments

  1. Resources for Black liberated parenting/humanized parenting
  2. What is Black liberated parenting (Humanized parenting)
  3. Explore common challenges parents face in Black liberated parenting
  4. What is White Culture Parenting and How to Divest

What is Humanized Parenting

Divest from white-washing

How can we best prepare children to divest from the challenges caused by white supremacist culture? We all want our kids to build positive identities, be proud of themselves and their family traditions. But much of what we value is developed by white culture. There is a need to understand the importance of Black liberation. Explore what white culture parenting is, the common challenges parents face in Black liberated (HUMANIZED) parenting, and how to divest from the paradigm.
Monique Melton

Teaching Anti-Racism is Humanized Parenting

  • Compassion

    Gain more knowledge and awareness of Black liberation, Black liberated/humanized parenting, and guidance on how to put this type of parenting into practice.

  • Confidence

    Get more confidence and clarity when discussing and teaching anti-racism to your children with tools for influencing others to engage in this important work.

  • Commitment

    Greater awareness and confidence in addressing the personal challenges you and your family experience in raising your children to be committed to Black liberation.

Knowledge is Confidence

This class is designed to teach you tools and strategies to do the work of anti-racism and divest from white culture parenting so you can engage in parenting that is liberated and affirming to our humanity.

  • This course is open to parents of all races, but especially for parents of white children.

  • Anyone parenting children will benefit form the information. All genders welcome.

  • The principles explored in this course are applicable to all age groups.

Kids Can Handle These Conservations

Sara Matuzak

Taking this course was an excellent experience. It helped me gain more necessary tools for talking with my kids (ages 6 and 9) in realistic ways about race, systemic racism and dismantling white supremacy (hint: kids can handle these conversations, if we are willing to have them). Moreover, this course helped me in my own anti-racism work as an adult with my own biases and comfort zone. Personally, I loved the live sessions - the educational components and well as the ways in which Monique held me accountable to what is necessary in this work. I also loved all the online resources provided and homework assignments to dig deeper. I recommend this course to anyone who has kids, is going to have kids, or who works with kids. This is an investment worth making.