JOIN US OVER ON PATREON WHERE YOU CAN MAKE A MONTHLY COMMITMENT TO FINANCIALLY SUPPORT MY WORK AND JOIN THE CONVERSATION AND COMMUNITY. I originally created this space to provide folks the opportunity to specifically financially support the Shine Brighter Together Podcast. But now this space is evolving along with me as I evolve and pivot in the way I show up and engage in my work. As a result of enduring constant racism on social media and feeling as though my content and the time I spend creating it could be better served elsewhere, I decided to move it here. So you will find content shared here similar to what I've shared on my IG--I deleted most of my content from IG, after having two post removed by IG in just two weeks. I knew that my work didn't deserve to be freely accessible and available on a platform that refuses to provide a safe space for it and for the folks like me that create it. So we're moving the conversation here and I couldn't be more thrilled about it.

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