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what is anti-racism 101

course description
The Shine Box is an anti-racism course designed to present to you the tools you will need to feel equipped, prepared and empowered to do the work of anti-racism. Monique Melton, author, speaker, diversity and relationship coach and creator of the Shine Brighter Together Podcast, has carefully curated a powerful tool box that is signature to her style and framework for anti-racism. The Shine Box is a great course for anyone who is determined and committed to better understanding anti-racism so they can be more prepared to actively engage in the work for diverse unity.

What's Included

Module One

In this module we will provide our introduction to this course. You will grasp a clear understanding about me, what anti-racism is, what you’ll learn, what to expect, why this matters, and the ground rules.

Module Two

We will share a simple foundation of anti-racism as a concept as well as explore other modules that have attempted do bridge the gap. But these models are not complete and in the module you will learn why.

Module Three

In this module we will explore the first set of tools in the shine box that are more conceptual. These tools help you with the identifying part of anti-racism.

Module Four

In this module you will learn the next set of tools needed for this work that are more practical and help you with the next aspect of the anti-racism, which is the eliminating racism component.

Module Five

In this module we will review the next steps for continuing this work.


Monique Melton

Monique Melton is an anti-racism educator, published author, international speaker and host of the Shine Brighter Together podcast. She is also the founder of Shine Brighter Together, which is a community dedicated to healthy relationships & diverse unity.

She travels the world speaking at conferences and events on topics related to anti-racism, personal growth, diversity, and relationships. She’s been published in magazines, featured in blogs and podcasts and has touched the lives of people all over the world.

She is a natural big-bold dreamer and a deeply rooted woman of faith. She is a proud Navy wife to her high-school sweetheart and she is a loving mother to two little ones. She has a BA in social science with an emphasis in sociology & psychology and two years of graduate school education in Clinical Counseling from Johns Hopkins University.

She believes it's not all about your comfort, but it's about your growth.

Who Is Ideal For this Course

identify if this course is beneficial to you

This Course Is For You If...

*You benefit from white privilege and you want to dismantle the system that gives you that privilege.
*If the idea of people of color suffering under this oppressive system
 frustrates you, but you don’t know what to do with that frustration.
*If people in your family say racist things and you want to know how to
 navigate those relationships.
*If you want to avoid causing additional harm to people of color.
*If you have black and brown friends and you want to know how to 
better support them.
*If you want to know better so you can do better

This is NOT for you if...

*You think racism is a thing of the past.
*You believe that bridging the gap is “their cause” as in it’s the burden for people of color to carry.
*You are afraid of digging deep and breaking down beliefs that you’ve been carrying that are problematic.
*You expect to feel comfortable or to be given praise for doing this work.
*You expect me to do the work for you.
*If you plan to brag about how much of a great ally you are.

Frequently asked questions

When does the next Class start?

This course is open for enrollment at anytime!

When is payment due?

Your investment of must be paid in full to access course content.

What city will classes be held in?

All classes are Online. You can access the course at the time which work best for you.

How long does the course Take to complete?

You may work at own pace and you have the option to schedule the board exam directly through us upon completion.

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends!. This is a thought-provoking course which is intended to be a starting point for conducting work towards anti-racism. This is not an all inclusive course.

What is the refund policy?

I appreciate you investing in this course, however all sales are final and no refunds are permitted for any reason without exception

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